About Karyn Anne

Karyn Fiano
Lisenced Esthetician 
New York Institute of Beauty

I was always interested in the skin and love making other's feel and look beautiful. As a child I suffered from eczema and saw a dermotologist regularly for my skin condition.  As I got older, I realized that I was able to treat my symptoms with natural remedies rather than a prescription. 

Today, I suffer from melasma, also known as a pregnancy mask, due to hormone imbalances.   Through my education I have learned specific treatments to target hyperpigmentation, how to keep it a bay, and specific ingredients to look for in products that will help my current condition.

I feel that it is my job as an esthetician to educate you about your skin and possible conditions you may have.  Having been an educator for ten years in my previous profession, I understand the importance of educating clients about their skin, and taking time with each individual client to explain and answer questions he/she may have.  Of course we are all human, so if I don't have the answer immediately, I will be sure to find out for you because I would want the same for myself.