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Basic Facial:  A relaxing facial that caters to your skin’s needs. An exfoliation will be applied along with a mask that suits your skin type. During the mask, I perform a tranquil hand or scalp massage. (Recommended for all skin types.) $65

Gentleman's One Tough Mug Facial:  Specialized for the man's needs! A deep cleansing massage followed by a mechanical exfoliation, extractions, a soothing manuka and hops mask, and ending with a  light moisturizer.  The manuka and hops mask appeals to the man's senses, and is great for soothing and hydrating the skin with vitamins, minerals and enzymes helping to improve skin's texture and vitality. Good for all skin types. $85

Rejuvenating & Tightening Treatment:  Great for devitalized, hyperpigmentation, melasma, fine lines, loss of elasticity, hydration, and impacted pores.  A deep cleansing massage is followed by glycolic peel and deep exfoliation to renew the skin along with a moisturizing mask to refresh and rebalance and tighten and tone the skin. $85

Aromatherapy: Have you been stressed lately, or are your sinuses acting up?  Then this is the facial for you.  A soothing, calming touch with pressure points will melt your stress away. A mood altering experience using aromatic essential oils based on your skin's needs,  (If it’s your sinuses, they will be cleared by the time you get off the table!  (This is good for all skin types, but not recommended for those who are pregnant) $65

Calming and Hydrating Treatment:  Good for dehydrated,sensitive,inflamed or irritated skin.  A deep cleansing massage with serene repair oil,, followed by a gentle exfoliation with an enzyme powder on the neck and face to renew the skin's surface and a hydrating vitamin C powder mask to heal, repair and re-balance the skin's surface. $85

Manuka Honey: The healing properties of the active manuka honey makes this facial so unique.  The manuka honey supplies cells with a wide range of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals, as it’s providing white blood cells with the necessary glucose that destroys bacteria.  It also repairs damaged skin and helps improve skin elasticity. The vitamin C promotes collagen production. So many benefits in one facial! (Recommended for dry, acne prone, or mature skin, and not for those allergic to bees.) $85

Cocoa Enzyme Treatment: Good for sensitive, aceneic and aging skin.  Removes Keratin build up, helps to brighten and clarify the skin.  Even great for dry calloused hands, feet, knees or elbows.  Good for acne skin with pustules and vacuoles(calms and softens).  May be used for a back treatment or in conjunction with Oxygen RX treatment for an up-charge.  $75

Acne treatment: Designed for acne, congestion, inflammation and devitalized skin.  A deep cleansing massage to stimulate the lymph followed by a deep exfoliation and oxygen lotion to open and cleanse the pores from congestion and a purifying mask with licorice root additive to control bacteria from spreading and rebalance the skin's surface. $85

Oxygen RX Treatment: Good for acne,Rosacea, sun damaged skin, telangiectasia. $75

Oxygen Treatment paired with Cocoa Enzyme  $100:




Lip: $10
Eyebrow: $15
Arm: half: $30 full: $37

Legs: half: $38 full: $68
Back: $55
Bikini Line: $30
Bikini Full: $ 40
Brazilian: $45

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